Netherlands Dedicated Server by JVKZ
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Netherlands Dedicated Server
ISO/IEC 27001 audited datacenters & Trans-Atlanctic 344 Gigabit network
LIFE TIME PRICING; pricing valid for duration of contract and renewals
Intel Xeon X3210
@ 2.13GHz
2 x 160GB SATA 4GB DDR-2 ECC10TB / month
@ 100Mbit
1 included*Yes $39/month order server
Intel Xeon X3430
 @ 2.40GHz
2 x 250GB SATA 4GB DDR-3 ECC20TB / month
@ 1Gbps
2 included*Yes $45/month dedicated server order now
Xeon E3-1230
@ 3.20GHz
1 TB SATA-28GB DDR-3 ECC25TB / month
@ 1Gbps
1 included*Yes$65/month order dedicated server
Note Warez, Spamming, Linkz, X-Share or illegal torrent sites are prohibited - if you want to run these types of services, please look elsewhere to avoid disappointment. Additional IP is $3.9/month per IP up to a maximum of 5 per server.
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